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Release Aid Mounts

Magnetic Release Holders

I recently purchased the three wisemen, once received and tested, I turned right around and ordered one for my Dad. You guys have truly made an AMAZING product. I’m not one to take the time to write stuff like this, but this one I felt I had to. The ease and simplicity is what makes it so great. It solves any and every problem for me I could think of that come with a hand held release. I took my bow into my local bow shop to get some quick work done on it. The device was attached to my bow when I handed it over to them. The next time I saw my bow was when the tech came out from the back to show all of his employees and owners the three wisemen device. It had them oo-ing and aw-ing over it. Great work to your team. I’m excited for this upcoming archery season for many reasons, and your product is one of the biggest. I will definitely be showing it off every time I go shoot this summer. Thanks again.

Cole Kendall